Final Program

10th Competition Law and Economics European Network (CLEEN) Workshop

24 and 25 May, 2016

Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods, Bonn


(accepted papers - restricted access)

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Tuesday, May 24


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Financial Regulation
Chair: Dominik Grafenhofer (MPI)

Means of Competition Policy 1
Chair: Alexander Morell (MPI)

Felix Rutkowski (MPI)
Should Banking Supervision and Monetary Policy Be Separated?

Discussant: Eva Schliephake (Uni Bonn)

Matthias Lang (MPI)
Legal Uncertainty and its Positive Welfare Effects

Discussant: Michael Hellwig (MaCCI)

Thomas Weck (Uni Bonn)
The Rules of The Game: When to Regulate "Innovative" Financial Instruments

Discussant: Stephan Luck (MPI)

Zlatina Georgieva (TILEC)
Competition Soft Law in National Courts – Quo Vadis?

Discussant: Kati Cseres (ACLE)




Keynote Speech 1: Maarten Pieter Schinkel (ACLE)
The Public-Interest Defense in Cartel Offenses


Coffee Break




Chair: Tim Wyndham (BeCCLE)

Chair: Cédric Argenton (TILEC)

Or Brook (ACLE)
Mapping the Role of Public Policy in Article 101 TFEU: An Empirical Coding

Discussant: Carsten Crede (CCP)

Shaun Bradshaw (CCP)
Albany v Wouters: A tale of two approaches to Article 101(1)?

Discussant: Teis Lomo (BeCCLE) (cancelled)

Michael Hellwig (MaCCI)
Settlements and Appeals in the European Commission's Cartel Cases: An Empirical Assessment

Discussant: Mengjie Wang (CCP)

Theodosia Stavroulaki (EUI)
Between Antitrust & Professionalism: Where does healthcare quality stand? Thoughts on some seminal US cases

Discussant: Farasat Bokhari (CCP)

Natalya Mosunova (CCP)
An Examination of Russia's Criminal Anti-Cartel Regime

Discussant: Anna Kochanova (MPI)

Ana Trias (TILEC)
State Aid Law: A Commission Tool for Market Regulation?

Discussant: Felix Rutkowski (MPI)




Meeting of the CLEEN Steering Committee

Wednesday, May 25


Stream 1

Stream 2




Means of Competition Policy 2
Chair: Ana Trias (TILEC)

Competition and Media
Chair: Natalya Mosunova (CCP)

Lukas Toth (ACLE)
Endogenous Institutional Design: Pet Projects, Pet Nominees, and Budget Rules

Discussant: Matthias Lang (MPI)

Niklas Dürr (MaCCI)
Exploring Niche Competition and the Timing of Entry: The Case of the Motion Picture Industry

Discussant: Svenja Hippel (MPI)

Stavros Makris (EUI)
Tensions with the Rule of Law in the Post-Modernization Era: The case of commitments

Discussant: Ioannis Pappous (CCP)

Tim Wyndham (BeCCLE)
The impact of discriminating value added taxes in a two-sided market with multi-homing consumers

Discussant: Lukas Toth (ACLE)




Keynote Speech 2: Konrad Ost (Bundeskartellamt)
Competition Law Enforcement: Recent Developments


Coffee Break




Innovation and R'n'D 1
Chair: Kati Cseres (ACLE)

Chair: Matthias Lang (MPI)

Olia Kanevskaia (TILEC)
The mechanics of international standard-setting: the case of telecommunication standards

Discussant: Tim Wyndham (BeCLLE)

Ingrid Barlund (BeCCLE)
The relationship between the Commission's leniency regime and the Directive on damages regarding breach of the competition rules (Directive 2014/104/EU)

Discussant: Stefan Frübing (MaCCI)

Clemes Fiedler (TILEC)
When the Weak are (not) Meek Asymmetric Firms and their Willingness to Compete

Discussant: Thomas Weck (Uni Bonn)

Stefan Frübing (MaCCI)
Product Differentiation, Leniency Programs and Cartel Stability

Discussant: Ingrid Barlund (BeCCLE)




Chair: Theodosia Stavroulaki (EUI)

Innovation and R'n'D 2
Chair: Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui (BeCCLE)

Kati Cseres (ACLE)
The Regulatory Consumer: Prosumer-Driven Local Energy Production Initiatives

Discussant: Dominik Grafenhofer (MPI)

Vikas Kathuria (TILEC)
Competition Law and Compulsory License in Emerging Markets: A Systems of Innovation Approach

Discussant: Niklar Dürr (MaCCI)

Mengjie Wang (CCP)
Take it or leave it: experimental evidence on the effect of time-limited offers on consumer behaviour

Discussant: Benjamin Bacchi (MPI)

Carsten Crede (CCP)
An ex-post evaluation of multi-product merger decisions by the European Commission

Discussant: Alice Noguier (EUI)




Panel: State Aid and Financial Stability
Martin Hellwig (MPI Bonn)
Peer Ritter (DG Comp)
Daniel Zimmer (Uni Bonn)


Coffee Break


Vertical Restraints
Chair: Farasat Bokhari (CCP)

Abuse of Dominance
Chair: Ingrid Barlund (BeCCLE)

Ioannis Pappous (CCP)
Add-on pricing in the face of uncertain quality

Discussant: Or Brook (ACLE)

Alice Noguier (EUI)
Why opening markets to competition can be considered within the scope of Article 102 TFEU: An analysis of rebates cases

Discussant: Alexander Morell (MPI)

Teis Lomo (BeCCLE)
Promotional Allowances

Replacement: André Schmelzer (MPI)
Single Versus Multiple Randomization in Matching Mechanisms


Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui (BeCCLE)
Unfair purchasing practices, a competition problem?

Discussant: Cédric Argenton (TILEC)


Dominik Grafenhofer (scientific),
Alexander Morell (scientific),
Monika Stimpson (administration),