Max Planck Research Group Intuitive Experts

The research group Intuitive Experts was installed at the institute in 2007 to complement the scientific work on collective goods and legal institutions by the permanent economic and legal group with a third perspective of psychological decision research. After six wonderful, inspiring, and very productive years the group ran out in fall 2013.

The group started with the aim to improve the understanding of the complex interplay between intuitive and deliberate processes in decision making and to use the expertise we acquired to investigate economic and legal decision making and behaviour in social dilemma situations. A particular focus was set on developing and testing parallel constraint satisfaction models.

Overall, the work of the group resulted in the publication of 77 articles in international peer reviewed journals, the work was presented in 129 scientific talks and poster presentations. The group organized 16 national and international workshops to facilitate exchange within the scientific community and particularly also interdisciplinary exchange. Young researchers were promoted resulting in four successful dissertations and one habilitation. Members of the groups successfully continue to do research in several places all around the world.

Research Summary

Final Report: Publications and Activities


Members of the Group

Prof. Dr. Andreas Glöckner
Prof. Dr. Benjamin Hilbig
Assist. Prof. Stephan Dickert, PhD
PD Dr. Britta Herbig

Dr. Susann Fiedler (Head Minerva Group MPI Bonn)
Dr. Mark Schweizer (now: Judge at Swiss Bundespatentgericht, Zurich)
Dr. Nathan Ashby
Dr. Tanja Ostermann (now: Mango)
Dr. Nina Horstmann

Daniel Hawes
Felix Henninger
Angela Dorrough
Berenike Waubert de Puiseau
Andrea Ahlgrimm
Janet Kleber
Stephan Tontrup
Milan Djordjevic

Student Research Assistants
Ramona Allstadt Torras (Psychology)
Marie Hellmann (Psychology)
Marie Oehmen (Psychology)
Maria Rische (Psychology)
Maria Gladigau (Psychology)
Esther Kordecki (Psychology)
Selina Scholz (Psychology)

Roman Portack (Law)
Christina Gansen (Law)
Kristina Schönfeldt (Law)
Marie Landsberg (Law)

Florian Knauth (Economics)
Jan Overmans (Economics)

Sebastian Schier (Computer Sciences)
Jeronim Morina (Computer Sciences)

Elisabeth Neumann (Social Sciences)
Juri Kryvtsov (Social Sciences)