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Head Research Group


While I have been investigating human decision making for several years I have become increasingly fascinated by the richness of human cognitive capabilities. When looking deeper into the mechanisms of the mind, a complex interplay between automatic and deliberate processes unfolds that is highly efficient and adaptive. The phenomenon that is called “Intuition”, namely that we have sometimes a feeling concerning a certain decision or that we have an insight, is only one observable sign from this complex system, it is just the tip of the iceberg. I propose that the same mechanisms are the core operational processes of all decisions, but we become aware of them in these very few situations only. By increasingly understanding these mechanisms we are able to differentiate our prescriptions for the design of legal rules, institutions, organizations but also for personal and professional decision making.


Senior Research Fellows

Stephan Dickert and Marc Jekel

My research focuses on information processing and judgment and decision making. Of central interest is the role of affective and deliberative information processing in the construction of value and perception of probability.  In my dissertation I investigated the factors that determine the willingness to donate money to charitable and humanitarian causes.  In a second, related line of research I investigate the role of dual processing in decision quality and experience-based decision making.  Other interests include the attentional determinants in the generation of emotions, the perception and function of moral values, and neural economics as it relates to dual information processing in decision making.


Research Fellows

After finishing our studies in psychology, we have joined the Junior Research Group “Intuitive Experts“ as Research Fellows. We investigate the role of intuitive decision making in lay people and experts. Our fascination with this field of research derives from the possibility to apply scientific insights to the design of institutions like the German legal system. Furthermore, we support an interdisciplinary approach of research which is realized in our group through the collaboration of psychologists and jurists.

Susann Fiedler, Angela Dorrough, Berenike Waubert de Puiseau



Undergraduate Research Assistants

(v.l.n.r.):  Maximilian Schareck, Jeronim Morina, Elisabeth Neumann, Marie Hellmann, Ramona Allstadt Torras, Mieke Feldmann



Johanna Lukate & Sara Garcia Arteagoitia