b.i.t. online innovation prize for Nathalie Hild

January 19, 2016

Nathalie Hild was awarded the b.i.t.-online innovation prize for her bachelor thesis on "Differenzierte Sprachförderung durch Öffentliche Bibliotheken: Konzeption einer Veranstaltungsreihe zur Förderung der phonologischen Bewusstheit"

Phonological awareness is one constituent of phonological processing and is considered to be an important predictor of the acquisition of literary language. The present paper demonstrates possibilities of differentiated preschool language training in the field of phonological awareness for children starting from the age of three and their parents by public libraries. A conception of a series of events to train this competence was based on the theoretical and practical part of this paper, which enfolds scientific findings according to phonological processing and phonological awareness and two programs to train this competence in day-care centers. In addition, there has been a validation of four library programs to promote early childhood literacy in the context of phonological awareness.