Amalia Álvarez Benjumea

Amalia Álvarez Benjumea

Research Fellow

Research Focus

My work focuses on social norms, particularly conditions under which norms change. I am interested on different topics such as the effect of social information on normative behaviour, perception of norms, or opinion dynamics under normative and social influence.  I currently focus on norms that regulate online hate speech and the expression of prejudice or other (extreme) opinions. In this line of research I investigate how hate speech is inhibited by perceived social norms in online environments.

My recent research involves experimental methods, especially online experiments.  I like to be open to different methodologies and take advantage of new research opportunities, such as online technologies.

Academic Career

  • Since 2016: PhD Candidate in Sociology, Department of Sociology and Social Psychology, University of Cologne
  • Since August 2015: Researcher in the Max Planck Research Group “Mechanism of Normative Change”, Max Planck Institute for the Research on Collective Goods
  • 2015: MSc In Applied Social Research, University of Stockholm (with honours) – Thesis: Friendship choices and ethnic homophily.
  • 2011: MSc in Social Cognition: research and applications, University College London (with honours)
  • 2010: BSc in Sociology, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Álvarez-Benjumea, A., & Winter, F. (2018). Normative Change and Culture of Hate: An Experiment in Online EnvironmentsEuropean Sociological Review34(3), 223-237.

Work in Progress

Alvarez-Benjumea, A., Winter, F. When Do Terrorist Attacks Increase Hate Speech? New Evidence from a Natural Experiment (under review)

Alvarez-Benjumea, A., Freund, L., Luckner, K., Winter, F. Public Signals as Coordination Devices: The Moderating Effect of Group Identity (in preparation)

Alvarez-Benjumea, A. Uncovering hidden opinions: the effect of social acceptability on selective disclosure

Alvarez-Benjumea, A. Gender differences in reaction to an anti-egalitarian descriptive norm: when normative information backfires.

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