Multiple Measure Maximum Likelihood Strategy Classification

Her you can find different supporting materials for the chapter Glöckner, A. (forthcoming). Multiple-Measure Maximim-Likelihood Strategy Classification.  In A. Glöckner and C. Witteman (eds.). Tracing Intuition

Here you find a sheet to calculate predictions concerning choices, decision times and confidence for the strategies take-the-best (TTB), equal-weight (EQW), and weighted additive strategies (WADD) with different transformation functions for cue validities. The sheet is provided in Excel format.

Strategy Predictions Calculation Sheet

Here you can download a simulation programm for an intuitive parallel constraint satisfaction model for decisions between 2 options based on 4 cues. It works with current Windows systems (XP. Vista).  The program consists of an executive file generated with Visual Basic 6.0. The program can be freely used for non-commercial purposes.  (We do however not take any responsibility for eventual damages the program might cause to your system.)     

Simulating Intuition by Parallel Constraint Satisfaction

For applying the Multiple-Measure Maximum Likelihood Strategy classification method using STATA in the following you find an example data set, a syntax (.do) file for application of the method for all participants and a set of estimation programms is provided below. 

Example data set for STATA

Complete set of Estimation Programs (should be executed before running the analyses below)

Single Estimation Commands

Overall Estimation Syntax for the Total Data Set (please note that it takes up to several hours to do these calculations!)