Video Abstracts

Video abstracts on the open access journal "Latest Thinking"

Felix Bierbrauer
Is Political Competition Good for Social Welfare? (Video)

Christoph Engel
Can We Distribute Goods Efficiently Without Property Rights? (Video)

Susann Fiedler
How Reproducible Are Results from Empirical Psychology? (Video)

Andreas Glöckner
Which Cognitive Process Is Used to Adapt Decision Making to Different Contexts? (Video)

Sebastian J. Goerg
What Kind of Reward Scheme Works Best to Induce High Effort in Teams? (Video)

Werner Güth
How Do Players Split an Amount of Money in the Ultimatum Game (Video)

Hendrik Hakenes
Should Governments Have Their Own Banks? (Video)

Philip Leifeld
What Are the Core Mechanisms that Drive the Dynamics of Political Discourse? (Video)

Michael Kurschilgen
Does Knowledge About the Presence of a Maverick in the Market Influence the Price Level? (Video)

Stefan Magen
What Can a Behavioral Perspective Teach Us on the Relationship Between Law and Morality? (Video)

Alexander Morell
Do Exclusivity Rebates Cause Psychology Switching Costs in Consumers? (Video)

Niels Petersen
Do Constitutional Courts Use Balancing to Promote Judicial Activism? (Video)

Niels Petersen
Is There a Relationship Between Anti-Trust Law, Economic Growth, and Democratic Development? (Video)

Paul Schempp
How Does Shadow Banking Influence Financial Stability? (Video)

Christian Traxler
Can Moral Suasion Effectively Induce Compliance with the Law? (Video)

C.C. von Weizsäcker
Can We Explain the Co-Evolution of Democracy and Market Economy by Adaptive Preferences? (Video)

C. C. von Weizsäcker
Can We Maintain Normative Individualism when Allowing for Preferences to Be Adaptive? (Video)