Prof. Dr. Henry Farrell

External Contact Information
++1 (202) 994-7933
George Washington University
Department of Political Science, Office: 414C
Old Main Street: 1922 F Street NW
Washington DC 20052

Research Focus: 
  • Trust and Cooperation: My Ph.D. dissertation examined how institutions affected trust and cooperation among business actors in Italy and Germany. I've written articles and book chapters, and am currently writing a book on this.
  • E-commerce: I've written two articles and several book chapters on the regulation of e-commerce, focusing on the regulation of privacy. I'm now beginning a broader project that widens the focus to state-private actor relationships in the governance of e-commerce.
  • The European Union: I co-direct a project with Adrienne Héritier at the European University Institute on constitutional change and conflicts over competences between actors in the European Union.
  • Institutional Theory: I've an interest in institutional theory, and especially in the relationship between rational choice, historical institutionalism, and sociological approaches.