Prof. Dr. Martin Beckenkamp

External Contact Information
0221 - 222139-23
Höninger Weg 139
50969 Köln

Research Focus: 

Social Dilemmas, Decision-Making in Strategic Interaction, Game Theory, Diagnosis and Intervention in Interest Conflicts
Field of Application: Biodiversity

Academic Career: 
  • 1993: Dissertation
  • 1987-2001: The Department of Psychology at the University of Saarland. 
  • (Research Unit: “Methodology and Cognitive Modelling”, directed by Prof. Dr. Werner H. Tack). 
  • Courses taught: first and second semester statistics, diverse seminars in cognitive science, game theory and the theory of social dilemmas. 
  • Other projects: Lead, together with Dr. Axel Ostmann, the interdisciplinary project “Protection Policies Using Incentives”. 
  • November 2001: Habilitation on sanctioning in commons dilemmas ("Sanktionen im Gemeingutdilemma" published by Beltz, Weinheim in 2002. 
  • Since June 2001: Senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute. 
  • Since March 2008: Project on "Understanding Social Dilemmas as a Necessary Precondition for the Acceptance of Institutions. Educational Advertising: A Chance for Conserving Biodiversity". The project is funded by the Krekeler foundation.
  • April 2012-September 2012: Research affiliate at the Max Planck Institute.