Dr. Stefania Bortolotti

Senior Research Fellow (starting October 1st)
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Research interests

My main research interests are in experimental and behavioural economics, with a focus on cross-cultural cooperation, inequality and moral behavior.


(1) Bigoni, M., Bortolotti, S., Parisi, F., Porat, A.  Unbundling efficient breach: An experiment, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, Accepted.

(2) Bigoni, M., Bortolotti, S., Casari, M., Gambetta, D., Pancotto, F. (2016). Amoral familism, social capital, or trust? The behavioral foundations of the Italian North-South divide, The Economic Journal126(594): 1318-1341. [link]

(3) Bortolotti, S., Devetag, G., Ortmann, A. (2016). Group incentives or individual incentives? A real-effort weak-link experiment, Journal of Economic Psychology56: 60-73. [link]

(4) Camera, G., Casari, M., Bortolotti, S. (2016). An experiment on retail payment systems, Journal of Money Credit & Banking, 48(2-3): 363-392. [link]

(5) Bortolotti, S., Casari, M., Pancotto, F. (2015). Norms of punishment: Experiments with students and the general population, Economic Inquiry, 53(3): 1207-1223. [link]

(6) Bigoni, M., Bortolotti, S., Casari, M., Gambetta, D. (2013). It takes two to cheat: An experiment on derived trust. European Economic Review, 64: 129-146. [link]

Working papers

(7) Bigoni, M., Bortolotti, S., Casari, M., Gambetta, D. (2017). At the root of the North-South cooperation gap in Italy: Preferences or beliefs? [link]

(8) Bortolotti, S., Soraperra, I., Sutter, M., Zoller, C. (2017). Too lucky to be true: Fairness views under the shadow of cheating. CESifo Working Paper No. 6563. [link]