Marie Curie Fellowship for Dorothee Mischkowski

May 22, 2023

The question how to increase cooperation behavior to encounter current societal challenges is an ongoing interdisciplinary research endeavor in behavioral economics, social psychology, and beyond. In cooperation with the University of Leiden (NL), Dorothee Mischkowski has received a postdoctoral fellowship within the EU’s Marie Curie program for her project “From low- to high-cost cooperation: Increasing costly cooperation behavior through internalized low-cost prosociality”. In a new approach, she focuses on training daily-life kindness as a form of low-cost cooperation to investigate whether and how trained low-cost cooperation spills over to costly cooperation behavior in social dilemmas, where individual and collective interests are at odds. A series of lab and field studies will yield insights on how we can promote cooperation behavior in the lab and in daily life.

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