"Fighting Covid using call centers”

Information provision over the phone saves lives – A randomized controlled trial to contain COVID-19 in rural Bangladesh at the pandemic’s onset more

Article by Matthias Sutter and his co-authors is forthcoming in the<em> Quarterly Journal of Economics</em>

In a clustered randomized controlled trial in 20 large Turkish companies and over 3,000 headquarter employees, Matthias Sutter and his co-authors Sule Alan and Gözde Corekcioglu show how workplace climate can be improved and turnover be reduced. The training intervention improves in particular the leader-subordinate relationship. more

President’s and General Secretary’s Visit

On August 11, president elect, Prof. Patrick Cramer, and general secretary of the Max Planck Society, Dr. Simone Schwanitz, visited our institute. more

“The Human in Human Rights Law”

Christoph Engel held a Minerva Lecture at the MPI for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg more

Article by Matthias Sutter and his co-authors is forthcoming in the <em>Journal of Political Economy</em>

In a large-scale experiment in rural Bangledesh Matthias Sutter and his co-authors Shyamal Chowdhury and Klaus F. Zimmermann find substantial intergenerational persistence of economic preferences. more

Article on Matthias Sutter's (et. al.) recent research is among the 10 most read texts on Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News: "They Failed a Trust Test, Then Chose Finance. Any Questions?"
A study by four business and economics professors based in Germany and Austria finds that those with low scores in a trust game are more likely to go to work in the financial sector. Does that matter? more

DFG Awards First Early-Career Prize to a German Lawyer after 20 Years

The German Research Foundation (DFG) just announced that senior research fellow Hanjo Hamann is among this year's recipients of the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize, the most prestigious award for early career researchers in Germany. The Prize is awarded annually to researchers across all academic disciplines as an early distinction for successfully establishing an independent scientific career following a research doctorate. more

Matthias Sutter publishes new book: The human factor or what matters in professional life (in German)

This book presents current insights from the field of behavioral economics to understand better the "human factor" in professional life and to enable successful cooperation. It provides a comprehensive perspective on the "big picture" by analyzing what makes people "tick," how they respond to incentives (monetary or non-monetary), and what that means for working together – or against each other – at work. more

Matthias Heinz receives ERC Starting grant

Prof. Dr. Matthias Heinz, part-time member of our Experimental Economics Group, has received an ERC Starting grant, i.e., one of the most prestigious and highly-endowed research grants in Europe. In his ERC project „Managing People - How Employees’ Social Preferences Shape the Returns to Management Practices” Matthias Heinz analyzes the causal effects of management practices and studies to what extent employees’ social preferences shape the returns of the considered management practices. more

How can science read your mind?

How cool would it be if you could read minds? Only that's not really possible, is it? Social psychologist Rima-Maria Rahal explains how science might have a solution. more

Daniel Salicath has successfully defended his dissertation

Daniel Salicath joined the MPI for Research on Collective Goods in 2017 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Sutter and Prof. Bettina Rockenbach. more

Shambhavi Priyam has successfully defended her dissertation

Shambhavi Priyam joined the MPI for Research on Collective Goods in late 2017 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Matthias Sutter and Prof. Axel Ockenfels. more

The new podcast "Exzellent erklärt" interviews Pia Pinger and Matthias Sutter: "Educational opportunities - what role the parental home plays" (in German)

57 clusters of excellence, 1 podcast. On a regular basis, "Exzellent erklärt" reports from one of the research clusters that receive funding under the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. more

COVID-19 has a negative influence on prosocial behaviour

A Covid-19 infection in the family leads to a reduction in trust and in the willingness to cooperate in adolescents from socioeconomically weaker families more

Maj-Britt Sterba has successfully defended her dissertation

Maj-Britt joined the MPI for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in January 2017 as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Oliver Kirchkamp and Prof. Christoph Engel, within the IMPRS Uncertainty. more

Cornelius Schneider has successfully defended his dissertation

Cornelius started his PhD studies at our institute within the joint program of the Max Planck Research School on Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World (IMPRS Uncertainty) and the University of Cologne (Graduate School in Management, Economics and Social Sciences, CGS) in October 2016. more

Michael Seebauer and his co-authors receive the EAS Distinguished Publication Prize in Sociology 2021

The European Academy of Sociology (EAS) awards Michael Seebauer and his co-authors the 2021 EAS Prize for Best Article for their publication "The Role of Reciprocity in the Creation of Reputation." more

Rima-Maria Rahal receives funding from the Hans Sauer Foundation

Rima-Maria Rahal receives funding for the project “Good Together” from the Hans Sauer Foundation's special funding program "The Crisis as an Opportunity?”. more

Stefan Schmidt receives Reinhard Selten scholarship from GfeW

The "Gesellschaft für experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung (GfeW)" awards Stefan Schmidt a Reinhard Selten scholarship in the amount of 1500 Euro for his research project "Flag to Wave: Status-Seeking Behavior in Groups". more

Handelsblatt publishes economists ranking 2021

In the ranking for lifetime achievement (individuals and institutions in and from the German-speaking world according to articles in scientific journals), Prof. Hellwig ranks second and Prof. Sutter 39th. more

Matthias Sutter at Campus Talks on ARD alpha

Matthias Sutter explains how the seemingly old-fashioned virtue of patience leads to success in life. more

Matthias Sutter in the 2021 FAZ Ranking of Top Economists

In this year's ranking of top economists, published by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Matthias Sutter is in 42nd place. more

What do 1200 euros a month change?

Podcast with Susann Fiedler (in German)
A basic income? Some say it's a social hammock, others say it's a solution to social problems. Susann Fiedler, head of the research group "Economic Cognition", and others are conducting the first ... more

Dan Nagin appointed as Max Planck Law Fellow

The Max Planck Institutes for the Study of Crime, Security and Law in Freiburg, and the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn proudly announce that, under the auspices of Max Planck Law, Professor Dan Nagin has been appointed as Fellow. more

National parochialism is widespread around the world

Study with respondents from 42 very different countries shows that fellow citizens are generally preferred more

<p>Matthias Sutter has been appointed as Associate Editor of Quantitative Economics from 1<sup>st</sup> July 2021 onwards</p>

Quantitative Economics is a journal of the Econometric Society, founded  to promote studies that aim at a unification of the theoretical-quantitative and empirical-quantitative approaches to economic problems. more

2021 Doctoral Award for Yoan Hermstrüwer

The University of Jena awards Yoan Hermstrüwer the PhD Prize 2021 for his thesis: "Engineering Games in the Public Interest - Essays in Experimental Law and Market Design". more

Coin toss influences outcome of penalty shootouts

The right to determine whether to go first or second in a penalty shoout improves the chances of winning more

Podcast on Cohesion with Anna Baumert (in German)

Cohesion is the glue of every life together. About civil courage, the group decisions of baboons and the cooperation of bacteria. more

Euro 2020: penalty shootouts can be won or lost on a coin toss

The online portal The Conversation reports on a recent study, conducted by Matthias Sutter and his co-authors asking whether it is the right to determine the sequence of moves in a penalty shootout rather than the actual sequence of moves that matters in order to win. more

Rima-Maria Rahal becomes a Fellow of the ‘Young ZiF’

Starting in the fall, Rima-Maria Rahal will be a member of the Young ZiF, a network of postdocs through which Bielefeld University's Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF) promotes exchange between outstanding young scholars from different disciplines who have a special interest in interdisciplinary cooperation. more

<p>Randomized control trial on the effects of unconditional basic income (UBI)</p>

June 1st launched the nationwide first pilot project investigating the individual and social effects of a UBI (1,200.00 EUR/month) on recipients in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) that will last for 3 years. more

Do we make better decisions as a team?

Podcast with Matthias Sutter (in German) more

Deliberate ignorance: choosing not to know

Intentionally foregoing information can be a good decision for both dividuals and society more

Harry Potter and Deliberate Ignorance in Welfare Economics

Deliberately ignoring information can sometimes lead to better decisions. This can also be the case in the relationship between the market and the state—that is, in whether the state should intervene in the economy to correct for a market failure, for example. Economist Felix Bierbrauer presents examples from welfare economics and considers the potential effects on fairness, freedom, and individual motivation. more

"Deliberate ignorance can be understood as a cultural skill"

We live in a knowledge society in which science and education is of particular importance. But under certain circumstances, we all benefit from deliberate ignorance. The Max Planck directors Ralph Hertwig and Christoph Engel explain why deliberately foregoing information in certain areas should even be prescribed and taught. more

Armin Steinbach joins HEC Paris as Professor

Armin Steinbach has accepted an offer to join HEC Paris as Full Professor from September 2021. more

Deliberate Ignorance: Choosing Not to Know

I do not want to see that! On first hearing, this may not seem wise. Even less should deliberately ignoring available information be praised by scientists: isn’t science about deepening knowledge? Yet people often shield themselves from information, for instance as they do not want to be scared, or biased. In a Strüngmann-Forum ... more

Hanjo Hamann is Rising Researcher of the Year 2020

Hanjo Hamann is the first legal scholar to receive the Junior Award and is named Rising Researcher of the Year 2020. This prize is awarded by the German University Association (Deutscher Hochschulverband) during the "Gala of German Science" for outstanding commitment to science and research. more

Sebastian O. Schneider was a guest on radioeins rbb

In the broadcast “Warum wir uns an Hygieneregeln halten oder nicht" ["Why we follow hygiene rules or not"] Sebastian O. Schneider was interviewed on the question why some people adhere to the measures to fight Covid-19, and how to help everyone follow these measures. more

Lukas Kiessling was a guest in the Campus Talks series on ARD alpha

Do performance comparisons make you sick in the long run? more

Lukas Kiessling received the Prize for the best PhD thesis in Economics of Education

Lukas Kiessling received the Prize for the best PhD thesis in Economics of Education completed in 2019/2020.   more

Postdoctoral Scholarship by Daimler and Benz Foundation awarded to Sebastian O. Schneider

In February 2020, Sebastian O. Schneider of the Experimental Economics group was awarded a scholarship by Daimler and Benz Foundation for his project proposal to investigate smartphone usage and its consequences among adolescents. more

Postdoctoral Scholarship by Daimler and Benz Foundation awarded to Stefanie Egidy

Stefanie Egidy has been awarded a competitive postdoctoral scholarship by the Daimler und Benz Stiftung for her work on "Strategic Litigation in a Democracy“. more

Jens Frankenreiter Associate Professor at WashU

The institute is proud to learn that one of its former senior research fellows, Jens Frankenreiter, after having been a fellow at Columbia University, will join one of the top 20 US law schools, Washington University in St. Louis, as an Associate Professor. more

Matthias Sutter was a guest on Radio Vorarlberg

Matthias Sutter gave a one-hour interview on Radio Vorarlberg: "How we become successful through patience". more

Don't feed the trolls - Hate on the net

One in five Internet users has already been the victim of hate speech. Can we do anything about hate comments? And what penalties do authors have to fear? In our new "Wissen Was" video, Fabian Winter and Frederike Zufall provide answers. more

<p>Launch of German Reproducibility Network: Foster trustworthiness and transparency in scientific research</p>

Eight key Open Science actors in Germany founded the German Reproducibility Network. This cross-disciplinary consortium is dedicated to promote reproducible and robust research on a national level. Two scientists of the MPI Collective Goods are representatives of one of the founding members. more

Interview with Matthias Sutter in "Live nach neun" on ARD

On January 25, Matthias Sutter was interviewed in the ARD program "Live nach neun" on the topic of patience. more

Matthias Sutter guest on Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Matthias Sutter will be a guest on Deutschlandfunk Kultur on December 19, 2020, 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. more

<p>Matthias Sutter in Conversation with Marc Elsberg</p>

Greed: Is Cooperation the Solution to All Economic Problems?
In his novel "Gier" ("Greed"), published in 2019, the Viennese author Marc Elsberg sketches the world in a further economic crisis. At a special summit in Berlin, people want to find solutions. A Nobel Prize winner who wants to give a groundbreaking speech at the summit dies in a traffic accident on his way to the conference venue. He had allegedly found a formula for "cooperation" that would bring prosperity to all. more

<p>Prof. Dr. Werner Güth receives Honorary Doctorate</p>

LUISS (Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali Guido Carli) in Rome awards Werner Güth the degree of Doctor honoris causa. The institute congratulates! more

3SAT documentary on social justice in <em>WissenHoch2</em>

3SAT broadcasted a documentary on social justice on 5th November, 20:15. Part of this documentary reported on an experiment in our laboratory designed by Ranveig Falch in collaboration with Alexander Cappelen and Bertil Tungodden from FAIR, NHH. more

<a href="internallink:178737">Anna Baumert </a>accepting DGPs award (German Psychological Society) on behalf of NOSI (Network of Open Science Initiatives)

The "Network of Open Science Initiatives" (NOSI) at psychological institutes in the German-speaking world has been awarded the "Förderpreis für Qualitätssicherung in der Psychologie" (Award for Quality Assurance in Psychology) by the German Psychological Society (DGP). more

<p>Niklas Cypris Presents at the <em>Digitale Woche</em></p>

On September 9th, 2020, Niklas Cypris gave a workshop on current research on online hate speech as part of the Germany-wide festival Digitale Woche. more

<p>Susann Fiedler to Conduct Long-Term Research on Unconditional Basic Income</p>

The first long-term study on unconditional basic income in Germany will begin in mid-August... more

Eugenio Verrina has successfully defended his dissertation

After completing his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in the Alpine city of Trento, Eugenio started his PhD in economics at the MPI for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn and the University of Cologne in September 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Bettina Rockenbach and Prof. Christoph Engel, within the program of the International Max Planck Research School on Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World (IMPRS Uncertainty). more

<p>Interview with Matthias Sutter on ZDF online: „Fairness – der schlummernde Wirtschaftsfaktor“ ("Fairness – the dormant economic factor")</p>

The Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods wanted to find out whether or not dismissals are comprehensible to employees, and what role this plays. more

Pascal Langenbach elected to the Junge Akademie at the BBAW & the Leopoldina

  Pascal Langenbach has been elected to the Junge Akademie at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and at the National Academy of the Sciences Leopoldina.   more

Anna Baumert awarded for her Outstanding Contribution to European Social and Personality Psychology (EASP/EAPP)

Anna Baumert was selected as the 2020 Winner of the joint award of the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP) and EAPP for Outstanding Contribution to European Social and Personality Psychology. more

Leonard Hoeft is awarded the Otto Hahn Medal for the year 2020 by the Max Planck Society

Every year, the Max Planck Society awards a selection of junior scientists the Otto Hahn Medal for their outstanding scientific achievements. more

Matthias Sutter was guest in the TV broadcast "makro" on 3sat

TV station 3sat reported on the current job market in its broadcast "makro": "Value of labor". more

The German Research Foundation (DFG) establishes 14 new priority programs for 2021

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved the application for a priority program called "META-REP: A meta-scientific program to analyze and optimize replicability in the behavioral, social, and cognitive sciences". more

Sebastian Tonke receives Young Researcher Award

Sebastian Tonke receives the Young Researcher Award for the best dissertation with respect to policy relevant research in developing countries. more

Matthias Sutter on Patience in Times of Corona

Bavarian radio and TV (Bayerischer Rundfunk) is currently presenting a series of video talks about the Corona pandemic on its homepage, entitled "Was ich noch zu Corona sagen wollte". Matthias Sutter has taken part in that series by giving a brief talk about patience in times of Corona. more

<span><span>Measuring indirect effects of unfair employer behavior on worker productivity</span></span>

Consequence of corona: Economic downturn worldwide, layoffs of workers are likely. How do workers’ respond to layoffs of co-workers? See the call-center RCT by cluster members Matthias Heinz & Matthias Sutter, forthcoming Economic Journal. more

Matthias Sutter held a lecture at the "Music and Science" event with musicians of the Philarmonic State Orchestra  Hamburg

In 2016 the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra launched a cooperation with the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science e.V. featuring the interdisciplinary series of events entitled 'Music and Science'. more

"Interview of the week" in EURO fondsxpress with Zwetelina Iliewa: "Verzerrte Wahrnehmung"

Zwetelina Iliewa and her colleagues examine the stock market expectations of financial professionals. The result: Experts' expectations about future stock market returns are driven by their personal experiences instead of objective financial information. more

Social status beats money

Social status beats money

December 18, 2019

If a lie could harm their image, people are more likely to forgo financial benefits more

Jenny Gusyk Award for ECONtribute's equal opportunity strategy

We congratulate ECONtribute for being honored with the “Jenny Gusyk Award 2019” for their equal opportunity strategy! The award was presented during a ceremony at the University of Cologne to Prof. Matthias Heinz, ECONtribute’s representative of equal opportunity. more

Anna Baumert and Julia Sasse receive grant for interdisciplinary research on ethics in artificial intelligence

The newly founded Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at the Technical University Munich awarded Anna Baumert a 3-year grant for the interdisciplinary project "Personalized AI-based Interventions Against Online Norm Violations: Behavioral Effects and Ethical Implications“. more

<p>NZZ news article about a research project of Zwetelina Iliewa and her colleagues: "Wenn das Bauchgefühl Rendite kostet"</p>

Zwetelina Iliewa and her colleagues examine the stock market expectations of financial professionals. The result: Experts' expectations about future stock market returns are driven by their personal experiences instead of objective financial information. more

Shambhavi Priyam wins second prize at the Science Slam finals in Cologne

The social networks one belongs to in a classroom can have a bearing on the people’s beliefs. more

<p>Christoph Engel has been appointed member of the Pontifical Academy of the Social Sciences</p>

The Pope has appointed Christoph Engel as a Member of the Pontifical Academy of the Social Sciences. The aim of the Academy is to promote the study and the progress of the social sciences, in the interest of offering more

<p>Angelo Romano is awarded the Otto Hahn Medal for the year 2019 by the Max Planck Society</p>

Every year, the Max Planck Society awards a selection of junior scientists the Otto Hahn Medal for their outstanding scientific achievements. Angelo received the prize for his work on human more

Interview with Svenja Hippel in Harvard Business Manager

Rooms with sea view, flights non-stop, seats with more legroom: When booking online, you can precisely sort the hits via filters. The price for this convenience: Disclosing your preferences. Who profits more from these filters? ... more

<p>Symposium to celebrate Martin Hellwig’s 70th birthday</p>

The institute held a symposium in the honor of Martin Hellwig, on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Nobel laureates Oliver Hart and Jean Tirole gave keynotes. more

Christoph Engel held second Franz Böhm lecture at Walter Eucken Institute

Franz Böhm Is Dead. Long Live Franz Böhm! Possibilities of Integrating Economics and Legal Studies in a Changed Environment. The Freiburg School of the 1930s and 40s was particularly marked by cooperation between legal scholars and economists. For the founders of the Freiburg School, the jurist Franz Böhm and the economist Walter Eucken, it was perfectly natural that these two areas should work together in order to explain the influence of institutional conditions on economic life. more



February 19, 2019

The Max Planck Society establishes the new International Max Planck Graduate School on Behaviorally Smart Institutions (or in short BeSmart). more

Obituary for Prof. Felix Höffler

We mourn the death of Felix Höffler, who had been a senior research fellow at the institute in 2004-2007. more

Video recordings Max Planck Forum

Now the video recordings of the Max Planck Forum can be found on Youtube. more

Interview with Zwetelina Iliewa in Harvard Business Manager

Harvard Business Manager is featuring an interview with Zwetelina Iliewa in its 2/2019 edition: "Deceptive charts" more

Science Prize for Armin Steinbach

Armin Steinbach has been awarded the Science Prize of the German Society of Legislation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gesetzgebung). The prize awards his habilitation on "Rational Legislation". more

Stefanie Egidy member of the <em>Junges Kolleg</em> of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts (<em>Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Künste NRW</em>)

Stefanie Egidy has been made a member of the Junges Kolleg of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts (Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Künste NRW). more

Matthias Sutter is co-author of large-scale study published in Nature Genetics

Large-scale study identifies hundreds of genes associated with risk tolerance and risky behaviors. New findings point to some biological mechanisms that influence overall risk-taking


FAZ Article "Why life costs more than expected"

On 27 December 2018, the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) published an article on financial literacy of adolescents. The article with the title "Why life costs more than expected" cites a research project of Prof. Matthias Sutter, Dr. Michael Weyland, Manuel Froitzheim, and Anna Untertrifaller. more

Aspo Award for best dissertation for Angelo Romano

During the dutch national conference of social psychology in Nijmegen, Angelo Romano has been awarded the "ASPO award for best dissertation". more