At the moment we do not accept applications for the IMPRS Besmart.

The International Max Planck Research School on Behaviorally Smart Institutions (IMPRS BeSmart) and the

Cologne Graduate School of Economics (CGS-E)

invite outstanding candidates to apply for

doctoral fellowships in Economics and Law

In a joint project, the IMPRS BeSmart and the CGS offer doctoral positions starting in October 2019. We particularly encourage candidates with an interest in behavioral economics, law and economics and interdisciplinary research questions to apply.

The IMPRS BeSmart combines approaches from Economics and Law. All human behavior is embedded in and guided by formal and informal institutions. The disciplines of both law and economics are complementary for analysing the interplay of human behaviour and institutions, and to develop institutions that promise outcomes that are individually or socially more desirable. Yet (neoclassical) law and economics starts from a narrow definition of human behaviour. Addressing the key limitations of human behaviour and deriving implications for institutional design from these limitations is the task of the proposed school.

The IMPRS BeSmart is jointly hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn, the University of Cologne and the University of Bonn. International partners are the ETH in Zurich, the University of California at San Diego, the Norwegian School of Economics NHH and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

CGSE‐IMPRS students will be members of both the CGS-E and IMPRS BeSmart and participate in the coursework offered by both institutions. The CGS-E course program will start in October 2019. During the first year, students will take part in courses on multidisciplinary methods and theories and subject‐specific courses. During the second and third year, students mainly conduct research and work on their thesis. The Curriculum of the IMPRS BeSmart has three pillars: summer schools, Thesis and Topics workshops, and local training.

Applicants for these joint positions are required to hold a Diploma, a Master’s Degree, or a State Exam with honors in one of the above mentioned disciplines or an equivalent degree in a related discipline.

The Max Planck Society, and the Universities of Cologne and Bonn are committed to improve the opportunities for women in the sciences and particularly encourage them to apply.

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