Forthcoming at Mohr Siebeck: Öffentliches Recht als Verhaltensordnung [Public Law as a Behavioral System]

Joint project from the Engel research group systematizes the behavioral approach to public law

July 03, 2024

Behavioral law has evolved from singular refinements within economic analysis into a theory of assumptions for the whole of jurisprudence. Making knowledge about individual behavior accessible to doctrine and regulatory practice requires digesting empirical literature for the purposes of the law. Yet just as much, legal concepts themselves must be re-conceptualized to develop an understanding of government as a practice composed of human judgments and decisions.

This volume provides a systematic account for the core subjects of public law as the basic operating system for regulatory activity in Germany. It offers an up-to-date review of the canon of theories for behavioral analysis, establishes connections with the pertinent legal subject matters, and explores new possibilities for doctrinal construction.

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