Equal Opportunities

The Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods thrives on outstanding academic talent and creativity. Our employees come to us from all regions and cultures of the world. Regardless of people’s gender, nationality, religion, disability, cultural background and sexual orientation, we promote and support our employees, as the diversity of our academics is the basis for excellence in research.

What we strive for at our institute is a culture and an atmosphere in which everyone can develop their individual abilities. In creating equal opportunities, we also focus on the compatibility of family life and research, especially through supporting those young academics who plan to  start a family or set up their career.

Reconciling Family and Work

The compatibility of research and family is very important to us and requires support in different areas. Our institute counsels and supports colleagues in the family-planning and pre-birth stage, as well as in their search for care services.

We collaborate with the private company pmeFamilienservice which offers a variety of services, including counseling, childcare and care for relatives. Some offers resulting from this collaboration are free of charge for staff and academics working at the MPI, such as advice on childcare or emergency childcare.

The Max Planck Society offers also a wide range of measures to support scientists  in their career development. In late 2016, the General Administration of the Max Planck Society introduced the Career Steps Network, a service which provides information on career development as well as reconciliation of work and family. Additionally, the Minerva-FemmeNet mentoring program for female academics has been established, which offers support for every degree of qualification (e.g., Networking, direct mentoring in person or via phone, feedback on self-assessment, acquiring skills pertinent to your career). The Max Planck Society offers all researchers who have a doctoral degree the opportunity to take part in the seminar program entitled "Sign up! Career-building".

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