Workshop with CREED Amsterdam

November 28, 2018


11:05 - Theo Offerman (CREED Amsterdam) - Fight or Flight

11:40 - Sebastian Schneider (MPI Bonn) - Higher Order Risk Preferences and Related Field Behavior of Adolescents

13:15 - Giorgia Romagnoli (CREED Amsterdam) - Testing the separation of tastes and beliefs

13:50 - Stefania Bortolotti (MPI Bonn) - Cognitive Abilities and Preferences: Survey and Experimental Evidence from a Developing Country

14:25 - Andreas Ziegler (CREED Amsterdam) - Endogenous information revelation in common value auctions

15:30 - Angelo Romano (MPI Bonn) - Corrupt Institutions Cause Low Interpersonal Trust and Cooperation Between People

16:05 - Nils Cobis (CREED Amsterdam) - The social element of cheating and corruption - Meta-analyses and field evidence

16:40 - Matthias Sutter (MPI Bonn) - To buy or not to buy? Shrouding and partitioning of prices in an online shopping field experiment

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