Beyond Privety, Edinburgh, 2015

June 01, 2015

Legal relations quite often have effects that transgress the parties who initially created the relationship. The provider of a trading platform regulates trade in the interest of increasing volume. A seller trades a stolen good. One member of a class sues for all. Defendant is acquitted "for lack of evidence", and attracts social sanctions. The papers presented at the symposium approach the broader topic from these angles.

They are accompanied by papers investigating the power of communication, punishment, and pre-trial discovery. Some papers are theoretical models, others use observational data or experiments.

Main contributions by: 
B. Hermalin, G. Dari-Mattiacci (with C. Guerriero and Z. Huang), K. Weinshall-Margel (with A. Klement), A. Daughety and J. Reinganum, G. Charness (with J. Brandts and M. Ellman), M. Kocher (with D. Matzat), J. Gelbach
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