Dr. Stefania Bortolotti

Research interests

My main research interests are in experimental and behavioural economics, with a focus on cross-cultural cooperation, inequality and moral behavior.


(1) Bigoni, M., Bortolotti, S., Casari, M., Gambetta, D. (2019). At the root of the North-South cooperation gap in Italy: Preferences or beliefs?, Economic Journal, 129(619), 1139-1152. [link]

(2) Bigoni, M., Bortolotti, S., Parisi, F., Porat, A.  (2017). Unbundling efficient breach: An experiment, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 14(3), 527–547. [link]

(3) Bigoni, M., Bortolotti, S., Casari, M., Gambetta, D., Pancotto, F. (2016). Amoral familism, social capital, or trust? The behavioral foundations of the Italian North-South divide, The Economic Journal126(594): 1318-1341. [link]

(4) Bortolotti, S., Devetag, G., Ortmann, A. (2016). Group incentives or individual incentives? A real-effort weak-link experiment, Journal of Economic Psychology56: 60-73. [link]

(5) Camera, G., Casari, M., Bortolotti, S. (2016). An experiment on retail payment systems, Journal of Money Credit & Banking, 48(2-3): 363-392. [link]

(6) Bortolotti, S., Casari, M., Pancotto, F. (2015). Norms of punishment: Experiments with students and the general population, Economic Inquiry, 53(3): 1207-1223. [link]

(7) Bigoni, M., Bortolotti, S., Casari, M., Gambetta, D. (2013). It takes two to cheat: An experiment on derived trust. European Economic Review, 64: 129-146. [link]

Working papers

(8) Bortolotti, S., Soraperra, I., Sutter, M., Zoller, C. (2017). Too lucky to be true: Fairness views under the shadow of cheating. CESifo Working Paper No. 6563. [link]

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