Univ.-Prof. Dr. Susann Fiedler

Research Focus

My research interests lie in the emerging field of behavioral economics and decision making. My recent work has been examining the influence of social value orientation on information search and integration in social dilemma situations. I am also interested in the underlying cognitive and affective processes involved in risky choices and have been conducting research centered on measuring physiological components which reflect such processes.

In addition to process tracing research, I am also interested in the methodological challenges present in psychological research and the growing problem of publication bias in various research fields. Given our recent results and the rareness of non-significant effects in the literature, we show that biases are wide-spread. Publication policies and standard research practices should be revised to overcome this problem.


Grundlagen und Fehler des Entscheidens [Theoretical concepts and biases in decision making]

Personalentwicklung [Human resources development]

Releationship Between Psychology and Economics

Eyetracking - Understanding Decision Making Through Gaze Behavior

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