Behavioral Economics for Leaders

Research-based Insights on the Weird, Irrational and Wonderful Ways Humans Navigate the Workplace

Link to Wiley where the book was published on 5 January 2023.

Matthias Sutter applies recent insights from behavioral economics to the everyday business world, the research-based way. Find out which factors are important for professional success, from career entry to senior management.

•    Start your career on the right footing, advance quicker, and strategize how to meet your goals
•    Understand what’s holding your colleagues back from productivity and implement evidence-based changes
•    Identify hidden biases in yourself and others to overcome inequalities and inefficiencies
•    Become a better leader and decision-maker by learning to interpret people’s actions

Individuals, organizations, and teams will benefit from the often-counterintuitive wisdom in this book. Based on the author’s 20 years of research—plus the findings of the world’s top behavioral economists—Behavioral Economics for Leaders can help you get your team and your organization where you want to lead it.


Reviews and Interviews:

28 November 2023:

Interview with Ben Owden in his podcast: “Why lead

September 2023:

Book review with Matthias Sutter in the podcast The Evolving Leader”.

Juni 2023:

Book review in Management Services (Journal of the Institute of Management Services), 67(2), p. 8

24 May 2023:

BLK Capital Management interviews Matthias Sutter in the podcast: “Behavioral Economics with Matthias Sutter

21 April 2023:

Book review in The Irish Times: “Why smaller men earn less and how the first letter of your surname can help win that job” (only for subscribers)

13th January, 2023:

Interview with Matthias Sutter on the pages of the Max Planck Society: “Young start-up companies survive longer if they have a high proportion of women

March 2023:

Book review in the The Midwest Book Review

30th March, 2023:

Book review on AMBA (Association of MBAs): „Best behaviour: navigating the modern workplace



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