Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Sutter


Forthcoming publications

  • Balafoutas, L., Batsaikhan, M., Sutter, M. (2023), Competitiveness of entrepreneurs and salaried workers. Management Science. (was MPI Discussion Paper 2021/7)
  • Bortolotti, S., Soraperra, I., Sutter, M., Zoller, C. (2023), Too lucky to be true: Fairness views under the shadow of cheating. Review of Economics and Statistics. Link to older working paper version.
  • Gill, A., Heinz, M., Schumacher, H., Sutter, M., Social Preferences of Young Professionals and the Financial Industry. Management Science. (A previous version was titled “Trustworthiness in the financial industry” and was MPI Discussion Paper 2020/19).
  • Barron, K., Harmgart, H., Huck, S., Schneider, S. O., Sutter, M., Discrimination, narratives and family History: An experiment with Jordanian host and Syrian refugee children. Review of Economics and Statistics. (link to working paper version)
  • Charness, G., Feri, F., Melendez-Jimenez, M., Sutter, M., An experimental study on the effects of communication, credibility, and clustering in network games. Review of Economics and Statistics, 1-45.

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