Research Description of the Experimental Economics Group

Established in 2017 under the leadership of Matthias Sutter, the 'Experimental Economics Group' (EEG) applies empirical methods in economics to tackle crucial societal questions. The group focuses on using experimental methods – both in the lab and recently mainly in the field – and observational methods to study a broad variety of questions that are relevant for society.

Today, the EEG is particularly active in the fields of behavioral, development, education, and health economics. The group has been successfully conducting Randomized Control Trials related to these topics in several developing contexts aiming at identifying efficient interventions, as well as complementarities, that promote better outcomes in health, education, the labor market, and so on. The group also has other experimental work to understand the mechanisms in the development of social and economic preferences, and the role of social image and norms in behavior.

To have more information about our group’s research, please visit the selected publications of our group and profiles of our researchers.

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