Obituary for Prof. Felix Höffler

February 08, 2019

We mourn the death of Felix Höffler, who had been a senior research fellow at the institute in 2004-2007. Felix was an expert in the economics of network industries. The hallmark of his research was the use of sophisticated theoretical methods to gain a better understanding of issues involved in real-world policy discussion, many of which he knew first-hand from previous work outside academia. We remember Felix as a very gentle and very helpful person, a curious and very serious intellectual, who contributed much to discussions at the institute. When he left the institute in 2007 to take up university positions, first at WHU Koblenz and later the University of Cologne, we were sorry to see him leave, but rejoiced at the implied recognition of his work. The news of his death, at a very early age, came as a great shock. Our heartfelt condolences are with his wife and three children.

See also:

Martin Hellwig, In memoriam Felix Höffler (1970-2019), Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik, 2019, 68(1), pp. 1-5. [link]

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