Prof. Dr. Anna Baumert

Research Focus

Psychology of justice and morality; personality and information processing; psychometric properties of economic games

Academic Career: 

  • since April 2021 Professor for Social Psychology and Personality at University of Wuppertal
  • 2017 – 2022 Max Planck research group leader (associate professor)

Honors and Scholarships

  • 2020 Early Career Award der International Society for Justice Research ISJR
  • 2020 Award for Outstanding Contribution to European Personality and Social Psychology, by the European Association for Personality Psychology and the European Association for Social Psychology
  • 2017 William-Stern Prize for outstanding innovative research in personality psychology by the German Psychological Association

Recent Publications

Dang, J., Barker, P., Baumert, A., et al. (2021). A multilab replication of the ego depletion effect. Social Psychology and Personality Science, 12(1), 14–24.

McCarthy, R. J., Gervais, W., Aczel, B., Al-Kire, R. L., Baraldo S. M., Baruh L., Basch, C., Baumert, A., Behler, A., Bettencourt, A., Bitar, A., Bouxom, H., Buck, A., Cemalcilar, Z., Chekroun, P., Chen, J. M., del Fresno- Díaz, A., Ducham, A, Edlund, J. E.,…Zogmaister, C. (2021). A multi-site collaborative study of the hostile priming effect. Collabra: Psychology, 7 (1): 18738.

Mõttus, R., Wood, D., Condon, D. M., Back, M., Baumert, A., Costantini, G., Epskamp, S., Greiff, S., Johnson, W., Lukaszewski, A., Murray, A. L., Revelle, W., Wright, A. G. C., Yarkoni, T., Ziegler, M., & Zimmermann, J. (2020). Descriptive, predictive and explanatory personality research: Different goals, different approaches, but a shared need to move beyond the Big Few traits. European Journal of Personality, 34(6), 1175–1201.

Adra. A., Li, M. & Baumert, A. (2020). What they think of us: Meta-beliefs and solidarity-based collective action among the advantaged. European Journal of Social Psychology, 50(6), 1292–1305.

Baumert*, A., Maltese*, S., Reis, D., MacLeod, C., Tan-Mansukhani, R., Galang, A. J. R., Galang, M. G. C., & Schmitt, M. (2020). A cross-cultural study of sensitivity to injustice and its consequences for cooperation. Social Psychology and Personality Science.

Baumert, A.*, Li, M.*, Sasse, J.* & Skitka, L. (2020). Standing up against Moral Violations: Psychological Processes of Moral Courage. Editorial to Special Issue in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 88.

Sasse, J., Halmburger, A., & Baumert, A. (2020). The functions of anger in moral courage—Insights from a behavioral study. Emotion. Advance online publication.

Adra, A., Harb, C., Li, M. & Baumert, A. (2020). Predicting collective action tendencies among Filipina domestic workers in Lebanon: Integrating the Social Identity Model of Collective Action and the role of fear. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations.


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