Claudia Cerrone, Ph.D.

Claudia Cerrone, Ph.D.

Senior Research Fellow

Research Focus

Behavioural Economics. Game Theory. Experimental Economics.

Academic Career

  • Ph.D. Economics, Royal Holloway University of London, 2016
  • Visiting Researcher, University of Edinburgh, School of Economics, 2014
  • Visiting Researcher, Nuffield College, University of Oxford, 2012
  • M.Res. Economics, European University Institute, 2011
  • M.Sc. Economics, University College London, 2010

Teaching experience

  • Royal Holloway University of London: Microeconomics; STATA; Financial Economics, 2015-2016
  • University College London: Microeconomics, 2014-2016
  • London School of Economics: Behavioural Economics, 2012-2014
  • Royal Holloway University of London: Microeconomics, 2011-2014


Journal of Economic Theory.  European Economic Review.  Economics Bulletin, Applied Economics Letters.


Deciding on behalf of others does not mitigate selfishness: An experiment (with Christoph Engel), Economics Letters, Volume 183, no. 108616, 2019

Pay for performance with motivated employees (with Ester Manna), The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp. 1935-1982, 2018.

Soft commitment: a study on demand and compliance (with Dan Anderberg and Arnaud Chevalier), Applied Economics Letters, Volume 25, Issue 16, pp. 1140-1146, 2018.

Investment in education under disappointment aversion (with Dan Anderberg), Economics Bulletin, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp. 1533-1540, 2017.

Working papers

  • Ignorance is bliss: a game of regret (with Francesco Feri and Philip Neary)
  • Doing it when others do: a strategic model of procrastination
  • Debarment and collusion in procurement auctions (with Yoan Hermstrüwer and Pedro Robalo)
  • Do naifs procrastinate more than sophisticates? An experimental study (with Leonhard Lades)

Work in Progress

  • k-pay auctions (with Phil Brookins and Dmitry Ryvkin)
  • Delegation vs. communication in organizations. An experiment. (with Phil Brookins, Alessandro De Chiara and Ester Manna)
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