Prof. Dr. Dr. Hanjo Hamann, JSM (Stanford)

Visiting Researcher

Research Focus

I study Contracts and Corporations from an Empirical Legal Studies perspective. This includes, for example, Legal Corpus Linguistics, Behavioral Economics, Networks and Complexity, and Legislative Theory. I am committed to open research practices and contribute to Open Data initiatives, trying to advance Open Access to research and knowledge.

Academic Appointments

Research Fellowships

Higher Education

Academic Theses (Qualifikationsschriften)

  • Rent, Reduction, and Reason: An Incentivized Vignette Survey on the Economic Value of Lease Law Remedies, 2020 – master thesis (JSM, Master of the Science of Law)
  • Behavioral Second-Order Strategies. Exploiting Market Myopia and Agent Delegation in Economic Decision-Making, 2016 – ISBN 978-3-00-051495-1, doctoral thesis (Dr. rer. pol., Ph.D. equivalent)
  • Evidenzbasierte Jurisprudenz. Methoden empirischer Forschung und ihr Erkenntniswert für das Recht am Beispiel des Gesellschaftsrechts [Evidence Based Jurisprudence. Methods and Epistemic Value of Empirical Research in Law, With Examples From Corporate Law], Mohr Siebeck publishers (Tübingen) 2014 – ISBN 978-3-16-153322-8, doctoral thesis (Dr. iur., J.S.D. equivalent)

Selected Publications in English

Hamann H., Property, Psyche, and the Theory of Tenancy. Independent and Interdependent Lease Law Covenants Through the Lens of Cultural Psychology, J. Prop. Law, vol. 9, pp. 223–262, 2023

Pacher A., Hamann H., Is Every Law for Everyone? Assessing Access to National Legislation through Official Legal Databases around the World, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, vol. 43, pp. 298–321, 2023

Hamann H., K Is for Contract―Why Is It, Though? A K’s Study on the Origins, Persistence and Propagation of Legal Konventions, Minn. L. Rev.  Headnotes, vol. 106, pp. 362–390, 2022

Hamann H., On Getting It Right by Being Wrong: A Case Study of How Flawed Research May Become Self-Fulfilling at Last, PNAS, 119 (15) e2122274119, 2022

Hamann H., Emmelheinz L., Scopus/Scimago: Useless for Studying Legal Research! An Empirical Assessment of Misclassification Rates in a Popular Scientometric Data Source, Law's|Empirics, 25 July, 2022

Rahal R.-M., Hamann H., Brohmer H., Pethig F., Sharing the Recipe. Reproducibility and Replicability in Research Across Disciplines, Res. Ideas & Outcomes, vol. 8, no. e89980, 2022

Hamann H., The German Federal Courts Dataset 1950–2019. From Paper Archives to Linked Open Data, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies (JELS), vol. 16, iss. 3, pp. 671–688, 2019

Hamann H., Vogel F., Seven Years of Language & Law. Editors’ Progress Report on the Journal of the International Language & Law Association, International Journal of Language & Law (JLL), vol. 8, pp. 1–8, 2019

Hamann H., Nicholls N., Group Identity in Intermediated Interactions. Lessons from a Trust Game with Delegation in South Africa, pp. 227–264 in: Gunnthorsdottir/Norton (Eds.), Experimental Economics and Culture, Emerald Publishing, Bingley (UK), 2018

Vogel F., Hamann H., Gauer I., Computer Assisted Legal Linguistics: Corpus Analysis as a New Tool for Legal Studies, Law & Social Inquiry (LSI), vol. 43, pp. 1340-1363, 2018

Hamann H., Vogel F., Evidence-Based Jurisprudence meets Legal Linguistics. Unlikely Blends Made in Germany, Brigham Young University Law Review (BYU L. Rev.), vol. 43, pp. pp. 1473–1501, 2018

Hamann H., Open Access in German Legal Academia. Challenges and Perspectives, blogdroiteuropéen 25 Oct 2017

Hamann H., Vogel F., The Fabric of Language and Law. Towards an International Research Network for Computer Assisted Legal Linguistics (CAL²) (special issue introduction), International Journal of Language & Law (JLL), vol. 6, pp. 101–109, 2017

Engel C., Hamann H., The Hog Cycle of Law Professors. An Econometric Time Series Analysis of the Entry-level Job Market in Legal Academia, PLOS ONE, vol. 11, no. 7, e0159815, 2016

Fischer S., Goerg S. J., Hamann H., Cui Bono, Benefit Corporation? An Experiment Inspired by Social Enterprise Legislation in Germany and the US, Review of Law & Economics (RLE), vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 79-110, 2015.

Hamann H., Unpacking the Board: A Comparative and Empirical Perspective on Groups in Corporate Decision-Making, Berkeley Business Law Journal (BBLJ), vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 1-54, 2014.

Rieder L., Hamann H., Student Participation in Legal Education in Germany and Europe, German Law Journal (GLJ), vol. 10, no. 7, pp. 1095–1112, 2009.

Other Publications (including German texts)


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