Publications of Susanne Büchner

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Journal Article
Malesza, M., Ostaszewski, P., Büchner, S., & Kaczmarek, M. (2017). The Adaptation of the Short Dark Triad Personality Measure – Psychometric Properties of a German Sample. Current Psychology
Journal Article
Büchner, S., Dittrich, D. A. V., & Kulesz, M. M. (2015). Dynamic Repeated Random Dictatorship and Gender Discrimination. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 55, 81–90
Journal Article
Büchner, S., Miller, L. M., & Güth, W. (2011). Individually selecting among conventions - an evolutionary and experimental analysis. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 21, 285
Journal Article
Büchner, S., Gonzalez, L. G., Güth, W., & Freytag, A. (2008). Bribery and Public Procurement: An experimental study. Public Choice, 137, 103–117
Journal Article
Büchner, S., Coricelli, G., & Greiner, B. (2007). Self-centered and other-regarding behavior in the solidarity game. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 62, 293–303
Journal Article
Büchner, S., Gonzalez, L. G., Güth, W., & Levati, V. (2004). Incentive contracts versus trust in three-person ultimatum games: An experimental study. European Journal of Political Economy, 20, 673–694
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