Saparya Sood

Research Fellow IMPRS

Academic Career

Saparya obtained her bachelor in Business Administration and Law in India, and thereafter worked in Indian law firms as a corporate lawyer. She completed her (European) Master's in Law and Economics (EMLE) in 2021 from the University of Hamburg (Germany), Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) and University of Vienna (Austria).

Journal Article
Huck, W., Maaß, J., Sood, S., Benmaghnia, T., & Heß, S. M. (2022). Framework and content of energy transition in Southeast Asia with ASEAN and the EU. The Journal of World Energy Law & Business, 15(5), 396–408
Sood, S. (2023). ‘Law & Economics’ must better inform design of business and human rights regulation. Opiniojuris,
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