Experimental Law and Economics, Bad Meinberg, 2006

July 01, 2006

Behavioural Law and Economics is gaining momentum rapidly. Yet most of this work is based on evidence that has been borrowed, be it from experimental economics or from psychology. Since, in its disciplinary context of origin, the data has not been generated in light of its implications for law, its fit for questions of legal analysis and design is often less than perfect. The issues explored range from contract law over labour law and antitrust to regulation and procedural law.

Contributions by:

Randolph Sloof/Hessel Oosterbeek/Joep Sonnemans, Armin Falk/David Huffman, Andreas Nicklisch/Sven Fischer, Bernd Irlenbusch/Georg Borges, Anil Caliskan/David Porter/Stephen Rassenti/Vernon L. Smith/Bart J. Wilson, Werner Güth/Hartmut Kliemt/M. Vittoria Le

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