Former Members

Regina Goldschmitt, M.A.

Former Head Librarian

The institute mourns for its head librarian. Regina Goldschmitt has passed away much too early, and unexpectedly. She was an outstanding head librarian. It was her ambition that a book should already be on the shelves before the first scientist was searching for it. She knew precisely who works on which research question. Often she had already spotted which literature speaks to the question, even if it uses a completely different terminology, before the scientist had found out. Yet effectively the department that she has shaped was less and less adequately characterized by the term library. She supported research processes. If almost the complete knowledge of the world is available on one’s computer screen, orientation becomes more important than access. Junior scientists in particular have often been overwhelmed by how much the library could help them in gaining orientation. The job of her department was not done either once the first draft was written down. She also helped with (open access) distribution, and with managing the piles of research data. Repeatedly she and her team created new tools, as with Journal Touch, an electronic survey of newly published work, for which she has won a prize. Regina Goldschmitt was not only highly competent. Her enthusiasm was contagious. As a founding member of the institute, she has shaped the spirit of the place. Her engaging and heartfelt smile has transmitted to all of us, and have given us memorable moments. We have been inspired by her wisdom. Her empathy has shaped the social fabric of the institute. We have been moved by her optimism, and her attention to the other person, making us smile back once we met her. It will take a long time before we have understood that such a caring, positive person will not come back. We miss her dearly.
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