Publications Anna Baumert

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Journal Article
Sasse, J., Li, M., & Baumert, A. (2021). How Prosocial Is Moral Courage? Current Opinion in Psychology
Journal Article
Baumert, A., Olsen, J., Toribio-Flórez, D., McCarthy, R. J., Gervais, W., Aczel, B., … …Zogmaister, C. (2021). A Multi-Site Collaborative Study of the Hostile Priming Effect. Collabra: Psychology, 7(1)
Journal Article
Dang, J., Barker, P., Baumert, A., Bentvelzen, M., Berkman, E., Buchholz, N., … Zinkernagel, A. (2021). A Multilab Replication of the Ego Depletion Effect. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 12(1), 14–24
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