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Omri Ben Shahar, University of Chicago Law School

Personalized Law
Mar 8, 2021 16:00
Zoom meeting

Kevin Tobia, Georgetown Law

Mar 15, 2021 16:00
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James Everett, University of Kent

Mar 29, 2021 16:00
Zoom meeting

Recent Articles

Kassis, Mark; Schmit, Sascha L.; Schreyer, Dominik; Sutter, Matthias
Games and Economic Behavior, 126, 278-287, 2021.

Social Science Research, 92, 102480, 2020.

Dertwinkel-Kalt, Markus; Köster, Mats; Sutter, Matthias
European Economic Review, 130, 103598, 2020.

Discussion Papers

Loukas Balafoutas; Mongoljin Batsaikhan; Matthias Sutter
Competitiveness of Entrepreneurs and Salaried Workers

Marcela Ibanez; Sebastian O. Schneider
Income Risk, Precautionary Saving, and Loss Aversion – An Empirical Test

Christoph Engel
Lucky You: Your Case is Heard by a Seasoned Panel – Panel Effects in the German Constitutional Court

How Do Lawyers Decide Cases?

by Christoph Engel

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